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About Us

We work hard, play hard, and certainly understand the fine art of sharing a cold one with a friend.
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Contact us

Vital Tokens is located in Baldwin, Wisconsin. If you have any questions, give our service team a call.
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Order Here

Purchase vital drink tokens for your bar. Download an order form and fax or mail it to us to place your order. You can also place an order online.
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Precision Pour

Precision Pours attach to the mouth of a bottle for a more accurate pour. They are available in standard style, standard with a collar, standard with a fliptop, standard with both a collar and fliptop, and "free pours."
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Color and Styles for Precision Pours

Precision Pours come in a variety of colors and styles. Colors include rum amber, ocean blue, crystal clear, shamrock green, and watermelon red.
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Pricing for Precision Pours

Prices for precision pours vary by how many you buy and the style. Precision Pour prices range from $27.00 - $53.90 per dozen.
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Sizing for Precision Pours

Find shot sizes, bottle sizes, number of shots per bottle, and standard glass sizes.
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Vital Tokens
680 VandeBerg Street
Baldwin, WI 54002
Phone: 877-44-TOKEN
Fax: 877-88-TOKEN


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