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Anatomy of a Collared Precision Pour

Anatomy of a Precision PourPrecision Pour 3-Ball Liquor Pours feature a number of patented improvements that similar style measured pour spouts don't have.

1. The lock-on collar allows easier removal of the spout from the bottle.

2. The valve alongside the main cylinder prevents after-drip and eliminates waste.

3. Precision Pour has three ball bearings unlike the old standard two, to give a smoother, more accurate pour.

4. The primer ring channels liquor around the inner ball bearing for a smooth pour and less sticking.

5. The bottom design ensures that the ball bearings will never fall out into the bottle.


Choose your own style.

Precision Pours are available in various different styles, including the standard style, with lock-on collar, with a fliptop seal, or with both lock-on collar and fliptop seal.

Standard Style

Collars The Precision Pour standard style 3-ball measured pour spout takes the guess work out of preparing consistent cocktails. They will help your bar earn greater profits on every drink served because they eliminate overpour and spillage.


CollarsA Precision Pour collar locks onto the spout's cork to make removing a spout from a bottle easier than with the standard style spout. The collar covers the glass threads of liquor bottles to make it look appealing. The collar will bring uniformity to the look of different colored pours when you use the colors as a guide to various shot sizes and prices.


FliptopsThe fliptop seal will protect your liquor inventory from fruit flies and contaminants. Unlike other pours on the market that use glue, the fliptop is affixed to the spout with a metal pin, making the Precision Pour fliptop more durable and less likely to stick. Our fliptop opens when you tip the bottle and closes when your bottle is upright to form a tight seal.

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