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Military Tokens

Military TokensVital Tokens is proud to support our armed forces by providing Military Tokens in honor of our troops. We will provide any division of the armed forces with tokens featuring their troop insignia on the front and large THANKS on the back.


This is the perfect gift for anyone in the military. They can be used to play poker, Texas hold ‘em, or just to show our troops how much we appreciate their dedication and service to our country.

They could also be posted or left behind as a marker to show others where our individual troops have been while on their tour of duty.

Each set of Military Tokens comes with an equal amount of Red, White, and Blue tokens! These tokens will be sold with a 10% discount to further show our support and can only be purchased in the 1½" size.

Call 1-877-448-6536 to place your order today!





Military Tokens from Vital Tokens             Military Tokens from Vital Tokens

Tokens shown at actual 1½" size.


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